Evan J. Marshall, mandolinist

Evan is a true virtuoso, one of the few great musicians of our time.”

— Chet Atkins

Evan  J.  Marshall is  an  internationally  renowned  mandolin  virtuoso,  and  is  widely  regarded  as  the  world’s  premier  solo  performer  on  mandolinin Duo-­Style. By  himself,  he  sounds  like  several  of  the  world’s  finest  mandolinists  performing  together. His  stylistic  signature  is  Classical,  with  strong  influences  from  the  Italian and  American  Folk  traditions.  Country  guitar  legend  Chet  Atkins  called  Evan  “A  true  virtuoso,  one  of  the  few  great  musicians  of  our  time.” 

Inspired by Atkins  and  violinist  Jascha  Heifetz, Evan has  created  a  uniquely  recognizable approach  to  solo  mandolin  performance  that  combines  bass  lines,  chords,  rhapsodic runs  and  tremolo  melodies.  He  started  Classical  violin  studies  at  age  seven,  and  added  the  mandolin  at age 14. 

In  addition  to  solo  performances,  Evan  has  been  a  Featured  Guest  Artist in  Pops  concerts with  a  number  of Symphony  Orchestras,  including Houston, Phoenix, Long  Beach, Grand  Rapids, Fort  Worth,  San  Antonio,  Jacksonville, and Pensacola. 

Two  of  his  solo  mandolin  recordings  have  been  released  by  Rounder  Records: 

  • Evan  Marshall  Is  the  Lone  Arranger,  which  the Washington  Post labeled  "Truly  dazzling,"  the Raleigh-­Durham  Independent called  "Superhuman,"  and  the Fresno  Bee called  "Mind-­boggling"; 
  • Mandolin  Magic,  which  the St.  Paul  Pioneer  Press applauded for  a  "Stunning  mastery  of  interpretation." 

Evan  also has recorded  four solo  CDs  for  his  own  label,  Mandolin  Conservatory. 

In  1995 Evan made  his  first  appearance  on A  Prairie  Home  Companion  with  Garrison  Keillor. Between  1993  and  2005  Evan was  a  Featured  Soloist  at  Disneyland,  performing  his  signature William  Tell  Overture:  Finale for  about  two  million  visitors  to  the  famous  Golden  Horseshoe  Theater  during  the  course  of  10,000  shows. He  has  performed  and taught at  numerous  regional  and  international  conferences  for  mandolinists,  who  hold  Evan  in  particularly  high  regard; Don  Stiernberg  has  referred  to  Evan  as  “The  Michael  Jordan  of  the  mandolin."

(Evan's) mastery of the duo mandolin style is a great achievement and will undoubtedly astonish many listeners”

— David Grisman